LIST: 9 Things Every Nigerian Lady Does When No One Else Is Around!!

Oh yes, this is not only applicable to Nigerian lady but every other ladies on this planet earth. When no one is around, most ladies do engage in some activities that are extremely funny and crazy. Here are 9 of such acts :

1. Farting

Everyone cuts one whenever they believe they’re alone.

2. Walking around in your underwear

Once you’re home alone, you turn to a victoria secret model. You start to strut your stuff in your underwear.

3. Singing like you’re performing at a concert

When your favourite song starts to play on TV and you’re alone so you give a concert like:

4. Stalking your crush or ex on social media

You will just be watching your crush like:

5. Talking to yourself when you’re bored

We all do it. Don’t lie.You will just be watching your crush like:

6. Admiring yourself in the mirror like

You will just be watching your crush like:

7. Eating everything in sight

Well there is no one to judge you or call you glutton so you eat like:

8. Pick boogers From nose and flick them onto walls across the room.
This has become a game to see just how far I can get one to go. I don’t want to brag, but 10 feet is child’s play to me.
9. Take shamelessly long showers while singing.
Normally ladies are very environmentally conscious, but sometimes this is necessary. And sometimes it’s also necessary to pee while showering because you don’t want to get the toilet seat all wet and you really have to go. Wow, it feels so good to finally say it out loud.

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