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List Of Alaafins Who Have Reigned Over The Oyo Empire From Inception To Date

In the Yoruba language, the word ‘oba’ means king or ruler. It is also common for the rulers of the various Yoruba domains to have their own special titles. In Oyo, the Oba is referred to as the Alaafin.

Since the 1900 political absorption of the kingdom in Northern Nigeria, the traditional monarchy was either a tool of British indirect rule or legally irrelevant within the republic. Here’s a list of Alaafins that have reigned over the Oyo empire from inception to date.


c.1300Foundation of Oyo Empire
c.1835Invasion by Fulani Empire
1888British protectorate
1300 to ????Oranyan, Alaafin
???? to ????Ajaka, Alaafin
???? to ????Shango, Alaafin
???? to ????Ajaka (restored), Alaafin
???? to ????Aganju, Alaafin
1400 to ????Kori, Alaafin
???? to 1500Oluaso, Alaafin
c. 1500 to ????Onigbogi, Alaafin
???? to ????Ofirin, Alaafin
???? to ????Eguguojo, Alaafin
???? to ????Orompoto, Alaafin
c. 1600 to ????Abipa, Alaafin
???? to ????Obalokun, Alaafin
???? to ????Oluodo, Alaafin
???? to ????Ajagbo, Alaafin
???? to ????Odarawu, Alaafin
???? to ????Kanran, Alaafin
???? to ????Jayin, Alaafin
???? to ????Ayibi, Alaafin
???? to ????Osiyago, Alaafin
c. 1728 to 1730Ojigi, Alaafin
c. 1730 to 1746Gberu, Alaafin
1746Amuniwaiye, Alaafin
1746 to 1754Onisile, Alaafin
1754Labisi, Alaafin
1754Awonbioju, Alaafin
1754Agboluaje, Alaafin
1754 to 1770Majeogbe, Alaafin
c. 1770 to 1789Abiodun, Alaafin
1789 to 1796Awole Arogangan, Alaafin
1796 to 1797Adebo, Alaafin
1797Makua, Alaafin
1797 to 1802vacant, vacant
1802 to 1830Majotu, Alaafin
1830 to 1833Amodo, Alaafin
1833 to 1835Oluewu, Alaafin
1837 to 1859Atiba Atobatele (at new capital), Alaafin
1859 to 1875Adelu, Alaafin
1876 to 1888Adeyemi I Alowolodu, Alaafin
1888 to 1905Adeyemi I Alowolodu (as British Vassal),Oba
1905 to 1911Lawani Agogoja (as British Vassal), Oba
1911 to 1944Siyanbola Onikepe Oladigbolu I (as British Vassal), Oba
1944 to 1945Regent (as British Vassal), Oba
1945 to 1955Adeyemi II Adeniran (as British Vassal),Oba
1955 to 1956Regent (as British Vassal), Oba
1956 to 1960Bello Gbadegesin Oladigbolu II (as British Vassal), Oba
1960 to 1968Bello Gbadegesin Oladigbolu II (as Nigerian Traditional Monarch), Oba
19 November 1970 to PresentLamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III (as Nigerian Traditional Monarch), Oba

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