List of All Coup Plotters in Nigeria and What Happened To Them

Coups are an integral part of Nigerian history and the following is a list of those who were accused by the government of plotting one coup or the other and what happened to them.

NB: This list will be updated.


The following were charged by the Olusegun Obasanjo-led military government  with orchestrating the bloody toppling of the government of General Murtala Ramat Muhammed, the Nigerian head of state who was assassinated on the 13thof February, 1976. They were all executed on the 11th of March, 1976:

1- Major-General I D Bisalla

2- Warrant Officer 2 (WO2) Monday Monchon

3- Staff Sergeant Richard Dungdang

4- Sergeant Sale Pankshin

5- Lieutenant Colonel A R Aliyu

6- Captain M Parvwong

7- Captain J F Idi

8- Captain S Wakins

9- Lieutenant Mohammed

10- Lieutenant E L K Shelleng

11- Lieutenant Colonel AyubaTense

12- Colonel A D S Way

13- Lieutenant Colonel T K Adamu

14- Lieutenant Colonel A B Umaru

15- Captain A A Aliyu

16- Captain Augustine Dawurang

17- Major M M Mshelia

18- Lieutenant William Seri

19- Major I B Ribo

20- Major K K Gagra

21- Captain M R Gelip

22- Mr. Abdulkarim Zakari

23- Lieutenant Peter Ggani

24- Major Ola Ogunmekan

25- Lieutenant O Zagmi

26- Lieutenant S Wayah

27- Sergeant Ahmadu Rege

28- Sergeant Bala Javan

29- WO2 Sambo Dankshin

30- WO2 Emmanuel Dakup Seri

31- Major J W Kasai


  • Buka Suka Dimka
  • Joseph D Gomwalk
  • Lieutenant S Kwale
  • Warrant Officer H E Bawa
  • Colonel I Buka
  • Major J K Afolabi
  • H Shaiyen

See photos below:

Bisalla is pictured here to Murtala's left.


The late General Murtala Muhammed (middle front row) with members of his Supreme Military Council. Standing on the extreme left is Bisalla, described as a traitor and eventually executed as a traitor.

Buka Suka Dimka after he was caught.

General Bisalla was described as the chief plotter of the 1976 coup and he is shown here tied to the stakes at the Bar Beach before his public execution.

Lieutenant Colonel Ayuba Tense being led out of Kirikiri Prison to the public execution ground.

Tense being tied to the stake.

Some of the plotters after their execution.

The condemned coup plotters.




Dimka smiling before he was executed.

The last batch of coup plotters executed in 1976.


  1. S K Dimka
  2. D Contulla
  3. Gyang Pam
  4. Captain C Wuyep
  5. Captain A A Maidobo
  6. WO2 E Izah
  7. Sergeant I Bupwada
  8. 2nd Lieutenant A Walbe
  9. Major A K Abang
  10. S Anyadofu
  11. Helen Gomwalk
  12. Captain Peter Tembong


  1. Captain I Gowon – sentenced to 15 years in prison.
  2. J Tuwe – sentenced to 10 years in prison.
  3. Lieutenant Colonel J S Madugu – sentenced to two years in prison.

In 1986, the following were charged by the General Ibrahim Babangida-led military government with plotting to overthrow the regime:


  1. Major-General Mamman Jiya Vatsa
  2. Lieutenant Colonel Musa Bitiyong
  3. Lieutenant Colonel Chris Oche
  4. Lieutenant Mike Fyorshe
  5. Major Daniel Bamidele
  6. Squadron Leader Martin Luther
  7. Wing Commander Ben Ekele
  8. Commander A Ogwuyi
  9. Wing Commander Adamu C Sakaba
  10. Squadron Leader A Ahira

See photos below:

Pictured here are Idiagbon, General Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida and Mamman Vatsa on the front row while Navy Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe and Brigadier YY Kure are at the back. Image credits: Mamman Jiya Vatsa.


  1. Lieutenant Colonel M Effiong
  2. Major D E West
  3. I B Akwashiki

In 1990, another set of coup plotters were rounded up by the Babangida regime and this is the end result:


  1. Major Gideon Orkar
  2. Lieutenant Awokoya E Akogun
  3. Captain Nimibibowei Harley Empere
  4. Lieutenant Cyril Okuser Ozoalor
  5. 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Bandenyintite Umukoro
  6. Staff Sergeant Julius Itua
  7. Sergeant Martins Ademokhai
  8. Sergeant Pius Ilegar
  9. Lieutenant Nicholas Odey
  10. Captain Perebo Aboela Dakolo
  11. WO2 Monday Bayefa
  12. Lance Corporal Jephthan Inesai
  13. Corporal Sunday Effiong
  14. Lance Corporal Francis Ogo
  15. Lance Corporal Samuel Mbasue
  16. Lance Corporal Albert Ojerongbe
  17. Lance Corporal Geofrey Deesiiyira
  18. Lance Corporal Emmanuel Aiyemola
  19. Sergeant Stephen Iyeke
  20. Corporal Joseph Efe
  21. WO2 Afolabi Moses
  22. Lance Corporal Idowu Azeez
  23. Lance Corporal Vitalis Udzer
  24. WO2 Jonathan Ekimi
  25. Staff Sergeant Solomon Okunbawa
  26. Private Richard Isaghohi
  27. 2nd Lieutenant F J Esuku
  28. Staff Sergeant Barnabas Jarikpe
  29. Private Egwola Makpamenkun
  30. Lance Corporal Adegamen Friday
  31. Private Monday Esebawen
  32. Private Nnadi Mogaha
  33. Sergeant Etim Umoh
  34. Ex-Corporal Wasiu Lawal
  35. Ex- Lance Corporal Ekominar Makililo
  36. Ex- Lance Corporal Peter Umuyoma
  37. Ex Sigralman Goodluck Emefe
  38. Ex-Staff Sergeant Sampson Idejere
  39. Sergeant Jolly Agbodowei
  40. Lance Corporal Samuel Obasayi
  41. Private Osazuwa Osifo
  42. Lance Corporal Goodluck Ofojarere
  43. 2nd Lieutenant Emmanuel O Alade


  1. Turner Ochuko Ogboru – sentenced to life imprisonment
  2. Lance Corporal David Amoomo – sentenced to two years in prison
  3. Sergeant Andoricheladonye – sentenced to two years in prison
  4. Captain A Monju – sentenced to one year in prison
  5. Sergeant John Alido – sentenced to seven years in prison
  6. Patrick Etadafema – sentenced to seven years in prison
  7. S A Francis Agaro – sentenced to seven years in prison
  8. /Cpl. Ezekiel Akuodu – sentenced to seven years in prison
  9. Private Ibrahim Egwa

In July 1995, the regime of General Sani Abacha  convicted the following of plotting a coup against it. They were later freed by the General Abubakar Alhaji Abdulsami regime but one of them (Major-General Musa Yar’adua) died during Abacha’s regime while in jail.


  1. Colonel Lawan Gwadabe
  2. Colonel O Oloruntoba
  3. Colonel R S B Fadile
  4. Ex-Major Akinloye Akinyemi


  1. Major-General Shehu Musa Yar’adua – sentenced to 25 years in jail but died in prison. His younger brother, Umaru, would later become the president of Nigeria in 2007.
  2. Lieutenant Colonel E H Bulus – sentenced to 25 years in jail
  3. Lieutenant Colonel S E Oyewole – sentenced to 25 years in jail
  4. Colonel C A Ajayi – sentenced to 25 years in jail
  5. Colonel R N Emokpae – sentenced to 25 years in jail
  6. Lieutenant Colonel M A Igwe – sentenced to 25 years in jail
  7. Colonel Ndubueze – sentenced to 25 years in jail
  8. Lieutenant A Olowokere – sentenced to 25 years in jail
  9. Major E O Obalisa – sentenced to 25 years in jail
  10. Lieutenant Colonel M A Ajayi (rtd) – sentenced to 25 years in jail
  11. General Olusegun Obasanjo – sentenced to 15 years in jail. Later freed and became the president of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007 before handing over to Umaru Yar’adua.
  12. Captain M A Ibrahim – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  13. 2nd Lieutenant R Emouvhe – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  14. Staff Sergeant Patrick Usikpo – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  15. Commodore Limu Fabiyi – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  16. Ben Charles Obi – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  17. Shehu Sani – sentenced to 15 years in jail. Now a senator representing Kaduna State at the National Assembly.
  18. Lieutenant Colonel R D Obiki – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  19. Sanusi Mato – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  20. Julius Badejo – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  21. Matthew Popoola – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  22. Chris Anyanwu – sentenced to 15 years in jail. A journalist, she later became a senator of the federal republic representing Imo State.
  23. George Mba – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  24. Kunle Ajibade – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  25. Moses Ayegba – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  26. Rebecca Onyebi Ikpe – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  27. Beko Ransome Kuti – sentenced to 15 years in jail
  28. Felix Ndamagidon – sentenced to 15 years in jail


  1. Lieutenant Colonel M Sambo Dasuki (rtd), later appointed the National Security Adviser by President Goodluck Jonathan.
  2. Lieutenant Colonel C A A Nyiam
  3. Great Ogboru
  4. Benson Ikpe
  5. Anthony Auroloyi


Source: Naija Archives


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