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LIST: Top 10 Richest Fuji Musician In Nigeria, 2017!!


Fuji music has gained a great fame. It was started as the complex of Islamic traditional music and apala style. In the course of time, it has changed a bit, and now its elements might be used in many other genres. There are lots of prominent musicians in this sphere and each of them is unique. There are those, who are popular within their own states, and those, who have become well-known in many different countries. Some performers aim at the younger generation, the others – at the older one. Anyway, this type of performance has its influence on great amount of people of all ages, and it keeps developing every day.

Music’s a very important part of our life. We can listen to it while driving, sitting at home, walking, etc. It was popular during the ancient times and it remains relevant nowadays. You probably know that particular genres and styles gain success in particular time periods. Thus, Fuji’s one of the most famous ones in Nigeria. And many people are eager to know about top 10 Fuji musicians.

However, before talking about them in detail, you need to know about the style itself. Fuji takes its roots in Ajisari music tradition (it is usually music, which wakes up Muslims during Ramadan season). So, we can claim it is kind of Islamic style. However, today it’s popular among many people.

Music styles

Let’s, first, talk about the most famous music genres in Nigeria in general. We need to mention that instrumental music has been very relevant until now. It reflects rich culture and traditions of the country. Among widespread instruments, there are:

  • xylophones,
  • bells,
  • scrapers,
  • drums,
  • musical bows,
  • brass instruments.

Passing on to the modern music, we should say about the following genres:

nigerian music folk

Palm-wine music.It appeared in the 20th century. It’s possible to say it is Yoruba music. The key features include the complex of Islamic percussion and Brazilian techniques. Thus, the style was born. The core of it was established by such musicians as Ojoge Daniel, Tunde Nightingale, Tunde King and Speedy Araba. Besides, since 1920s it has been called juju.

Apala. It is again Muslim music of Yoruba tribes. It contains percussion and vocal. Since 1930s it has attracted a very large audience. The following instruments are usually used:

  • talking drums,
  • rattle,
  • thumb piano,
  • bell.

The most famous performer was Haruna Ishola. He also brought it to the audience as part of Fuji music.

Fuji music. The first bands appeared in 1960s. It’s kind of synthesis of apala style with free-rhythmic vocals of ajisari musicians. It is usually accompanied by:

  • Sakara,
  • Hawaiian guitar,
  • tambourine-drum.

Besides, apala is Fuji fundamental basis. During the period between 1960s and 1970s, it was gaining its fame and was connected mostly with Islam. The first prominent stars were Alhaji Sikiru, Ayinde Barrister and Ayinla Kollington.

From Yo-pop to Afro-jùjú. Two very popular styles. However, their fame didn’t last for long. Yo-pop was easily replaced by Afro-jùjú. The latest is a combination of Afrobeat and Fuji.

Afrobeat. It is thought to be very close to Nigeria. This music’s extremely popular all over the world. Such genre comprises American funk, elements of highlife, jazz, and some other styles of West African music. In modern time, it’s one of the most recognized styles in Nigeria.

Reggae. A musician known as Terakota started this style in Nigeria. It represents African-Caribbean fusion. It is still very relevant and there are lots of performers such as Duncan Mighty, Slim Burna, Timaya, and so on.

Hip-hop. It is comparatively young genre, which has appeared in the 1980s. It is still very successful.

These are main genres, which are famous in Nigeria.

Top 10 Fuji musicians

You will probably want to know a bit more about this style. In order to enlarge your knowledge, it’s necessary to get acquainted with the most prominent musicians. Their list contains the following:

  1. Pasuma
    Pasuma nigerian music

    He is also known as Wasiu Ajibola Alabi. He managed to gain success really fast. His first album was sold within just three month. Besides, unlike many others, he cooperated with pop musicians. It helped him to become extremely popular. Nowadays he is still famous and thought to be one of the leading performers of the genre.
  2. Kwam 1 (K1)
    Image result for Kwam 1 (K1)
    He’s also known as Wasiu Ayinde Marshal. He is probably the oldest and the most experienced one in Fuji, who has taken his abilities under tutelage of Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. Some people even consider he is the richest musician in Nigeria. Each decade he produces at least two hits. Moreover, he was the first Fuji musician who was invited to star in a movie. What is more impressive, he is famous not only within Nigeria, but also far beyond – in the UK, the Netherlands, France, USA, etc.
  3. KS1
    Sule Alao Malaika.

    His real name is Sule Alao Malaika. Many hip-hop performers have adopted his hits. He has plenty of fans and followers all over the globe.
  4. Saheed Osupa
    Saheed Osupa fuji
    He’s considered to be a controversial Fuji musician. The fame came to him after his third album. And it’s necessary to say, that his name will stay in the history of the genre. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister once called him the king of music. Now he’s one of the leaders in the industry.
  5. Taiye Currency
    Taiye Currency fuji

    He’s one of the famous performers in the State of Oyo and in Ibadan. He has large number of followers and fans. He has remained popular for more than ten years already. People say there is nothing extraordinary in his music. However, he is always able to keep up with the time and stay committed to his audience.
  6. Remi Aluko
    Remi Aluko fuji
    He is also known as Ajela. What is interesting about him is that he was born a Christian. Nevertheless, he still managed to make a name for himself in the sphere of Fuji music. Moreover, he has become one of the leading stars. His songs aren’t considered the best, but they still attract lots of followers. Besides, he likes giving a Fuji touch to the hip-hop tunes.
  7. Abass Akande Obesere
    Abass Akande Obesere
    He is often called the wittiest of all. He’s popular for the daring acts and controversial status. Once he was even wearing female attires. His music differs from the one of the other Fuji performers. He’s created a world of his own. However, it’s still given him fortune and fame.
  8. Shefiu Alao
    Shefiu Alao fuji
    He might be called the king of Ogun State, as there are lots of his fans there. Besides, there exists a musical palace in the centre of Abeokuta. He calls himself Omo Oko, which means “the local boy”. However, his talent and abilities have made him prominent and unique.
  9. Muri Thunder
    Muri Thunder music
    He came from slums. But as many others, he has reached fame and respect. He shares many fans with other musicians of the style.
  10.  Sulaimon Atawewe
    Sulaimon Atawewe fuji
    This performer’s currently on top. You can see him in shows. Besides, every year he churns out several albums, which is quite impressive.

These are top 10 Fuji musicians in Nigeria.You should understand, that there are even more of them in the country and abroad (just remember that the style may carry various names in different countries).

Music is an essential part of people’s life in Nigeria and in the world. There exist various genres and more and more of them are being created every day.



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