LISTEN: Jidenna Drops Two Singles ‘Tribe’ And ‘Sufi Woman’

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Jidenna, Nigerian-American rapper, is making a fiery comeback from his short-lived hiatus in the music scene with two singles and a trailer for his upcoming album.

Dubbed ‘Tribe’ and ‘Sufi’, the two singles serve as the first offerings from ’85 to Africa’, Jidenna’s sophomore album, which should be available on August 23.

The project also comes as a follow-up to his 2017 EP ‘Boomerang which succeeds his much-acclaimed ‘The Chief’, released in the same year.

The album tells the story of how an unsuspecting African sought home after his “shady” landlord’s apartment got foreclosed on without his knowledge.

The project, which has been reported to be an LP, is inspired by Jidenna’s move to Africa after he was unceremoniously evicted from the Atlanta mansion he had rented in 2017.

Watch the trailer and listen to the singles below.

“One fateful morning in the summer of 2017, Jidenna Mobisson found himself on the wrong end of the barrel of a gun. Armed with weapons and warrants, local police officers flooded the eight-bedroom mansion he and his team had been subletting in the suburbs of Atlanta,” read the YouTube description on his new album trailer.

“Unbeknownst to the world-renowned entertainer, the home’s owner had been grievously delinquent on mortgage payments and had lost the house in a foreclosure auction. Jidenna was being evicted.

“As movers dumped his possessions into boxes, the home’s new residents watched from the sidelines and smiled at his misfortune. Reflecting on the moment that would ultimately set the stage for his remarkable new album, ’85 to Africa’.”

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