Lists Of Junk Foods That Are Good For You

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While it isn’t recommended that one must thrive on these foods but indulging in some of them in limit, of course, may do you a whole lot of good.

Some examples of these junk foods are given below:

Popcorn: It may be the best accompaniment for movies but popcorn also helps curb the evening snack craving. A bowl of home-made popcorn is even better as it is low on calories and high on anti-oxidants.

Dark chocolate brownies: Yes, it is indeed good news especially for people with a sweet tooth. Dark chocolate is proven to be good for the heart and if it is paired with a whole wheat brownie and some nuts, it becomes rich in fibre as well.

Dark chocolate bars: Due to the high amounts of antioxidants in dark chocolate, it has health benefits such as lowering blood pressure as well as decreasing the risk of heart disease if you eat around a 100 grams a day.

Crackers: There are many kinds of whole-wheat crackers available, which can be a good and healthy evening munch without the side-effects that other junk foods bring.


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