How To Lose Weight Without Exercising Or Going On A Diet

weight loss lady 2
weight loss lady 2

1. Use a smaller plate

A study from the University of Cornell found out that a fixed portion of food when eaten from a larger plate, diners felt hungrier and ate more. While, the same portion of food, when eaten from a smaller plate, the meal seemed substantial and thus eaten less.

2. Use a bigger fork

It is established from an Italian study that there is a relationship between the fork size and the level of consumption. The research found that diners who used smaller forks ate more than those with larger ones.

3. Drink water before meals

Drinking water before meals cuts down the level of consumption. It is believed that those who drink two to three glasses of water before each meal lose weight faster than those who drink water after the meal is over.

4. Eat with men

According to psychologists, women eat less if they are around men! Strange, but quite true. It is possible that small food portions signal attractiveness.

5. Hide unhealthy snacks

Keeping unhealthy snacks out of sight can benefit loads. Chocolates, crunches when out of reach reduce binge eating.

6. Avoid peer pressure

Be careful about your friends. Even if they insist you on indulging on those fat-filled snacks and heavy meals, refrain. Remember, at the end you will be the only person to suffer if you give into their pressures.

7. Don’t forget to read labels

Remember to read the food labels before you pick up something. Nutrition labels on food packages eat around 5 per cent less fat than those who do not bother to read them.

8. Avoid snacking at night

Snacking at night often tends to increase your weight. Since there is no form of exercise done at night, this habit will land you in serious problem if you do not put an end to it instantly.

9. Beware of skinny friends

Thin people have large appetites. Be careful. Since you do not figure on the same chart, you should be cautious about what you eat so that you don’t tend to put on more weight.

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