LOVELY!! Story Of A Nigerian Couple Who Met On March 10 2015 And Will Be Getting Married March 11 2017!! Their Story Will Melt Your Heart…

While doing the usual ‘amebo’ on the internet, we came across this couple with a very interesting story. Love can really be found in the most unexpected places. The month of March is very special to Ogechukwu and Jimoh. They met on March 10th 2015, started talking on March 11th, 2015, and now they’re getting married on March 11th, 2017. So amazing!

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Posted by Jimoh Okoh on Monday, February 20, 2017

The couple met at a JAMB CBT centre in Asaba. Ogechukwu was writing the exam, while Jimoh was a supervisor.

I first met her (Ogechi) on March 10th 2015 while working as a business developer / project manager in a software/IT firm in Asaba. She was scheduled for JAMB UTME exam in my company’s IT Computer Based Testing facility on that day.


Jimoh used scopes to get her number, and they became friends.

My liver was failing big time. I was scared she would feel embarrassed if I called her name. My liver finally failed me and I gave up. She was about to take a step further down the stairs out of sight when she finally looked up and I immediately beckoned with my hands for her to come. She did, I guess she thought I was a JAMB official. “How was your exams?” I asked. “Fine, thank you!” she responded. “You look intelligent, I would like to know what you will score” I continued. “No problem sir” she said. “No problem?, there’s a problem, I don’t have your number”. She smiled and dictated her number while I happily wrote it down. “I will call you later” I waved as she went downstairs. We officially began to talk fully via calls, and chats the next day March 11th 2015.


2 years later, they’re getting married!

2 years later (March 11th 2017), we are tying the knot (getting married) on the exact same day we began talking. So amazing!



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