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How To Make Nigerian Corn Beef Jollof Rice

Change your style of preparing jollof rice by switching to corn beef jollof rice, ‘jollof rice in fried style’. 


Fresh peppers
Fresh Tomatoes
Bay leaves
Tatashe pepper
Meat stock
Seasoning cubes
Curry powder
Corned beef
Vegetable oil


How to cook

-Grind tomatoes, Tatashey pepper and onion together. Cook in a pot until the juice dries off, then parboiled rice., rinse and drain.

-In a clean pot add vegetable oil and heat up. Then add some onion slices, Pour the cooked tomato-pepper-onion paste into the pot and then cook.

-Pour meat stock into the pot and stir. Add curry, bay leaves, thyme,seasoning and salt,. Cook for some minutes. Now spoon out some of the sauce and keep aside.

-In a clean pot pour in the par boiled rice,. Add the remaining sauce in the pot to the rice and Add a wee bit of water,. Cover up and cook over medium heat.

-Add corned beef to the other sauce you kept aside then mix together.

-When the jollof rice is almost done pour in the corned beef sauce. Mix together and adjust seasoning to taste. This corned beef sauce is savedkept for last so that the corned beef wont melt entirely into the jollof rice.

-Serve hot and enjoy with side dish of choice.


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