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How To Make Nigerian Salad, ‘Abacha’

Nigerian Salad Abacha
Nigerian Salad Abacha

2 cups Abacha (dried Shredded cassava)
1 Dried Fish*
1/4 cup Palm Oil
1/2 teaspoon Akau *Cooking Potash*
3 table spoons Crayfish
1/2 bulb small onion (chopped)
1/4 cup chopped scented leave
1 cube maggi and salt to taste


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How To Cook:

  • Soak the abacha in hot water till it’s soft (25-30mins). Drain.
  • Bleach the palm oil for 5mins on medium heat. set aside to cool
  • De-solve the akau in 1 tablespoon of  hot water
  • In a bowl combine the bleached oil, akau solution, dried fish, crayfish, softened abacha, onions, maggi and salt .Combine all the ingredients
  • Sprinkle on scent leaf just before serving
  • Serve with whatever pre-cooked meat you desire.



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