Make Up Tips For Glasses-Wearing Babes


Make-up can prove to be difficult sometimes, especially if you wear glasses. You have to deal with issues like frame imprints on your face, mascara particles clogging up your frames, your glasses picking up your foundation, powder and more.

This could ruin your make-up, and make your glasses appear dirty and unattractive. Make up tips and tricks are very crucial for those who wear glasses because glasses can make things really really tough.

Here are tips to ladies who wear glasses to help their make-up stay perfect all day.

Water proof mascara: Use water-proof mascara which has less tendency of coming off your lashes and getting on your glasses. It will last longer and give you clean and clear frames. Water-proof mascara is also great if you sometimes get teary-eyed while wearing your glasses. It helps your long lashes stay intact even after you trash the tissue.

Groom your eyebrow: You don’t have to go all out and wax your eyebrows until they disappear, a set of well-groomed eyebrows can enhance your appearance. Wearing glasses attracts a lot of attention to your eyes so you must have groomed brows. As much as your eyebrows frame your face, your glasses make them noticeable and more in focus. So having groomed eyebrows keeps your face looking neat and pretty.


Use a good concealer for dark circles: The frames of glasses often set right along the area where dark circles appear when you lack sleep. Due to the position of the frames, these dark areas are much more noticeable. Be sure to use a concealer that covers this area thoroughly to keep the circles from looking darker than they actually are.

Darken lips when you have thick lenses: Balance often plays a huge part in a person’s appearance. If your eye make-up is dark and the frames of your glasses are thick, then apply a dark shade of lipstick to keep the balance.  Light make-up and thin frames look more balanced on your face if you apply a light shade of lipstick or lip gloss.

Simple make-up: Your frames already dominate your face, so using strong eye make-up can clash with them, or it may be hidden behind the frames. Use neutral tones, perhaps with a hint of colour from eye liner. Don’t use thick make-up.

Blush: Since you’re not doing much with your eyes, and you are using all the bold colours on your lips, you still need to balance it out. This is where your blush comes in, using a blush or bronzer, you can balance your face out in terms of colour and complexion, so your face doesn’t look like it is missing something. Balance your face with blush.

Redefine your eyes: One of the problems with wearing glasses is that your eyes lose definition behind the frames, so you need to put that definition back. Use a brown or black liner around your eyes, and a couple of coats of mascara. Another handy way to redefine your eyes is to ensure that your brows are beautifully shaped, since they can clearly be seen above your frames.


Curl your lashes: It can be very uncomfortable to blink and your lashes are brushing against your glasses, and even make you dread the next blink. A great way to avoid that is to curl your lashes, using a curler helps curl your lashes backwards and away from your frames so they don’t come in contact.


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