If Your Man Can’t Pass These 2 Easy Tests, He’s Not Into You…Run Away Fast

Ladies, to skip over the dud relationships and find the right man, here are the questions you MUST start asking yourself while dating. These TWO questions will help you know where you stand with him quickly.
1. How much does he want to show you off in public?
Guys are extremely competitive, so it only makes sense that we want to show off something (or, in this case … someone) we are proud of to the world, right?
If I buy myself a new Ferrari, you can bet I’m going to announce it to all my friends, their friends and any strangers who show interest. If I don’t, there is something wrong. If you rank on his list — you should be his new Ferrari.
This is a simple and highly effective first test of how “into you” he really is (or isn’t).
2. How eager is he to spend time with you when there is zero chance of getting s*x?
Put him to this test. If he’s really interested in you, he’ll jump at the chance to spend time with you (not just late at night when s*x is likely).
Other ways to test his real interest in you include asking him to drive you to the airport, or meet him for lunch with your Mom.
Source:  Information Nigeria

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