Manchester United Legend Reveals How He Used to Drink ‘Frog Juice’ In Order to Get Energy

Park Ji Sung

Former Manchester United star has revealed the secret behind his energetic displays that helped the Premier League club to three Champions League finals. Park Ji-Sung used to drink “frog juice” to improve his performance on the pitch. The South Korean star regularly guzzled down the unusual protein drink after his parents advised him that it would help him grow.

Park Ji Sung

The former Manchester United star showed potential on the pitch from an early age, but he needed to improve his physical presence on the pitch.

In a desperate bid to improve as a player, he decided to try the homemade concotion.

Reflecting on his younger days, Ji-Sung said: My father went to catch wild frogs. “I was skinny and weak and my father heard their juice would give me size and strength. “It tasted very, very bad but I had to drink it because I wanted to be a football and everyone said I needed to be bigger and stronger.

“They said it was good for my health to become stronger and I ate everything that would improve my health.”

Park Ji Sung 1

It is understood that the midfielder’s father would travel from their home in Suqon to Go-heung county in order to collect the frogs. The juices would then be boiled and Park would guzzle down the homemade concoction.

As a result, the midfielder went on to enjoy a successful career with the likes of Manchester United, Queens Park Rangers and PSV Eindhoven. He joined the Reds in 2005 for a fee of £4m after he shot to prominence in the Eredivisie.

Ji-Sung won one Champions League title and three Premier League titles with the Reds.

The South Korean, who became the first Asian to ever captain the club, was renowned for his energetic performances during his stay at Old Trafford.


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