Many Are Depressed Because They Can’t Keep Up With The Joneses – Eldee

Lanre Dabiri, a Nigerian-American musician better known as Eldee, has cautioned Nigerians against the wanton display of wealth.

The 41-year-old singer and rapper says many people fall into depression because they put themselves under “unnecessary pressure” to meet society’s expectation.

Writing via Instagram, Eldee advised Nigerians to keep it real with one another, particularly on social media.

He expressed concerns about the spate of depression in the country and admonished the wealthy ones to “tell each other the truth”.

Eldee said this would stave off feelings of insecurity and allow people “feel comfortable in their own skin”.

“We need to start keeping it real with one another. Many people are depressed because they don’t think they can keep up with the expectation of the society,” the entrepreneur wrote.

“If we can all keep it all the way real, we’ll be able to tell each other the truth, be able to know those who are in need of our support, and not have to feel a certain way because we can’t keep up with the ‘joneses’.

“It begins with each one of us living and sharing our truth, no BS, no pretense so that people around us can be comfortable in their own skin and not feel unnecessary pressure to keep up.”

Eldee was recently in Nigeria to perform at the Grown N Sexy concert.


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