Measles: The Need For Improved Vaccination

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Globally, measles remains a major cause of death among young children despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine.

A  highly contagious viral disease, measles occurs all over the world, although on a higher rate in developing countries.

Nigeria for instance has the highest cases of measles infection in the world. The World Health Organization[WHO] claims 51 cases of new infection was recorded daily, placing the
country among top three countries with the highest infection with 18,843.measles, mostly affecting children.

Adults can also have the disease, Doctor Idowu Ogunkoye stated. It is not limited to a particular age group but it is more common among children because of the fact that immunity of children is low and as such it can be easily transferred.  Adults too can have especially when their immunity is low.

When measles appear, the disease shows visible symptoms as Doctor O. Salau noted ’’symptoms include skin rashes which spread from the face down to the feet.
And the spreading across the body of this rashes takes three to five days, sometimes when it appear the victim may develop abdominal pain, redness of the eyes, sore throat.

To the health expert and practitioner, vaccination remains the form of defense against measles, and that is why vaccination against measles has to be taken seriously in a country like Nigeria, that is the immunization of the body to develop anti-bodies in defense of the body against measle infection.

Measles is common among children under the age of five years. Also government should educate and sensitize the people on the benefit of the vaccine because when the fund is provide and buy all the vaccine and the people are not ready to use them.

To reduce the prevalence rate in the country he called for a change of vaccination in some part of the country particularly in north. According to doctor Osahan Enabuele: we should not denied innocent children the chance to healthy lives because of religion and cultural beliefs.

Early Treatment
Considering the seriousness of the disease, which could lead to death,  experts advocate early treatment when it occurs.
Doctor Babajide Saheed stated there are many problems related to untreated measles as it can affect the eyes or cause someone to become deaf and also have headache.

How Dangerous Is Measles?
It is dangerous because it kills children. It takes over the human system, breaks it down and gives room to other sicknesses and diseases to enter the body and that can happen within seven days depending on how severe the case is.

The symptoms are high temperature, rashes, headache and so on.

I think government can do more than they are doing with regards the treatment of measles.

Musa Folashade is a student of Mass Communication, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo.




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