Media Chat: 15 Important Things President Muhammadu Buhari Said At His First Media Chat

President Muhammadu Buhari
In the maiden edition of President Muhammadu Buhari’s media chat, the president touched on some salient issues and here are the 15 important highlights from the chat.

MBuhari Mediachat
President Muhammadu Buhari flanked by moderators at the media chat yesterday
In his first ever media chat as an elected president, Muhammadu Buhari touchec issued from security to economy and to politics, education, unemployment etc.
Here are the 15 highlight of the media chat yesterday.
1. We have to look at the promise of N5,000 allowance even if people have to work in the farm to earn it”
2. If I refuse to agree to spending for my presidency, I wont agree for the legislature.
3. I will revisit the story of the National Assembly spending N4.5bn to buy cars.
4. Fashola was not made Super Minister for nothing.
5. By early next year we will not be talking about subsidy of oil in Nigeria any more.
6.  We will look into the students already in school to be able to use their MasterCard Debit/Credit cards abroad
7. We made a lot of money in the last 16yrs but it has not been used judiciously.
8. I don’t like the idea of University students sitting on windows to receive lectures
9. I turned down a N400million car proposal for the presidency. I said the cars I have are good enough for 10 years.
10. I am honest with you, I don’t know whether Chibok girls are alive.
11. On alleged maginalization of Igbos: Who is the minister of labour? Who is the minister of science and technology?”
12. You want people who stole N50B to be granted bail to go to London when we have 2 Million IDPS in camps?
13. There are evidences of treasonable felony against Nnamdi Kanu
14. Nigeria is not borrowing again but renegotiating with creditors.
15. My VP is quoted on N5,000 per youth pay, how can I come here and deny it?
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