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Meet 8 Popular Nigerian Men who are Gay

They have openly declared they are gay and proud of their status. Most of them also want the anti-gay law in Nigeria lifted. The good news is that they are safe where they are because they do not live in Nigeria. It will be recalled that Kehinde Brandmuse is the latest of them all who only declared his status yesterday on his Facebook page. City People took out time to list 8 openly men who have declared they are gay. Find the listbelow.


He is the first Nigerian to openly declare his sexuality as a homosexual on National Television as a guest on the defunct New Dawn With Funmi Iyanda(NTA) program in 2004.


The advertising guru behind Orange Academy came out as gay on 8th January 2015. He was married to a woman who knew for 6 years that he’s gay.



He is Nigeria’s first openly gay preacher and the founder of House of Rainbow Fellowship, a secret gay church in Lagos. He later relocated abroad after a major newspaper did a story on his homosexual church and he started to get threats. He’s still running his gay church in the UK and has been speaking out publicly against the recently passed anti-gay law in Nigeria.


He married his gay lover in 2010, and since then, they have been living together in Germany.


Born in Boston, USA, in 1970. John Uzoma Ekwugha Amaechi is product of a Nigerian father and his English Mother. In February 2007, Amaechi spoke about his Homosexuality on ESPN’s Outside the Lines program. He is the first NBA player to speak openly about being gay.


Another openly gay Nigerian, he was the spokesman of the Nigerian Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Inter-sex living in diaspora at a rally in Abuja when the bill prohibiting same sex marriage was passed by the senate House.


He spoke up against the government in respect to the anti-gay bill been passed as he highlighted that passing of such bill would only encourage heterosexual marriage as well as prevent homosexuals from getting quality medical care. He is another gay activist and an openly gay Nigerian residing in Abuja.



John Adewoye is on self-imposed exile on grounds of his sexual orientation and because of the danger of living as an openly gay man in Nigeria. Resident in Nigeria, he came out to family and friends in July 2003 .


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  1. Hmmm from the other hand being Gay is bad why because the Bible is against it but the issues here is this some persons are born Gay. And it is not their wishes to be one but what can they do to help them self out! I really pray for a charge. But I still love gay why because assuming ur child is a gay what will u do in a similar situation? If the whole country can go down on their knees and pray for God intervention and I deeply belv that God will surely diver the bisexual, and Gays.’

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