Meet 8-Year-Old Nigerian, Stephanie Ogechukwu Who Won Gold Medal At African Gymnastics Championship

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8-year-old Stephanie Ogechukwu Onusiriuka started Gymnastics on her own when she was just two years old. Her parents discovered her talent and decided to help her achieve her chosen career.

In October 2018, Stephanie started professionally with TIG Gymnastics at the National Stadium Abuja. She is currently in level 6.

Stephanie Onusiriuka participated at the 8th Edition TIG International Level System Gymnastics Championship Competition in Abuja 2018. She also participated in the African Gymnastics Championship in Pretoria South Africa 2019, where she won a Gold Medal for Nigeria.

She will be participating at the National youth games coming up on the 7th of September 2019 in Ilorin Kwara state.

Stephanie’s aim is to represent Nigeria at the Olympics and other Major Gymnastics Championship.


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