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Meet 9-Year-Old Basil Okpara Jr. Who Has Built 30 Mobile Games

The African continent, research shows, already has 70% of its population under 30 and youngsters account for roughly 20% of the population, 40% of the workforce and 60% of the unemployed.

While this means that Africa and Nigeria would be looked upon, in the future, to produce technological solutions for the world, it also means that the Continent should prepare its youth for future responsibilities.

This youth bulge gives the continent the responsibility of equipping its young ones to be employable for the future, a responsibility which seems to be already taken up by young people like 9-year-old Basil.

According to an edition by CNN, Basil Okpara Jnr. has built over 30 mobile games. He got interested in mobile games development after his father’s scolding on the amount of time he spent playing mobile games.

His father, Basil Okpara Snr., would later buy him a laptop, after seeing his interest in creating his own game, and registered him in a coding Bootcamp, at the age of 7, which served as a foundation for the young coder.

The future computer scientist uses the programming application called Scratch 2, and so most of his games are in raw forms and only available for access to people with the Scratch 2 app on their computer.

However, Basil Snr revealed that one of his son’s games, Frog Attack, would be made available to the public for download. Frog Attack would be on Google play store, by August.

The developer’s proud mother, IjeBazz Okpara, related that her son gets so engrossed when he develops his games that getting him to come to the dining becomes a problem.

Nigerians seem to be waking up to the future as more coding classes for the summer were held, where it used to be coaching classes for traditional education. While this is commendable and applaudable, the number of awakened Nigerians are still a minute percentage of the 200 million which makes the population of the Nation

Basil Jnr. had previously won a trip to Egypt for AFCON after winning in Visa Nigeria’s Unstoppable Stories Initiative, where Visa Nigeria referred to him as a serial game developer.


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