Meet Beautiful Nollywood Actress ‘Angel Samuda Samuel’

I love my job cos it’s entertaining, informative and educational and its some thing have always had passion and flair for since i was a child, seeing myself where i am today makes me proud and believe my dreams are turning into reality.

Apart from Acting am a stylist, fashion designer at touch of SAS couture, aspiring to be a top fashion designer people can always look up to, by God’s grace.
Outside my movie job and fashion at my own free time I indulge in making coconut oil, going to karaoke with my friends because i love signing and always surfing the web.
I get a lot of admirers no doubt, they all come with their different baggage, lol…..some say your too flashy i don’t think i can maintain you, some say can you even cook noodles? some say can you ever stay in a man’s house? some say can you stick to one guy this one you’re an actress… And lots more…
They say don’t judge a book by its cover”
Yes I can love, my career can’t get into my head nor stop me from loving and going into a relationship.its an individual choice, some choose not to be in a relationship, feeling it’s a distraction, some see it as hindrance, the guy blocking their way, and so on……
To shock you all, i don’t eat outside, except i don’t have a choice, and i don’t double date,if am done with one can move over to another but not two at a time
Yes am flashy”looking good they say its good business”if am not good looking will they come? hahhahahaah
am a very loving and emotional person and when am in for love, i love Foolishly and unconditional.
Yes am in a relationship but not someone in the entertainment world, he loves my job, respect, encourage me and give me all the support i need to pull through.
I can’t say if he will marry me or that,that’s personal and not every relationship must lead to marriage. if it’s the will of God he’s mine then am ready and my job can’t stop me from getting married and making a good home.13567419_10206094151332671_6830258743173143363_n13407138_10205947615549368_2634149817642032166_n10496115_10201962568645686_3429932168374217554_o9545_10204961589499333_9100764951582803757_n13844170_10206231861215332_4531597_o13844067_10206231860695319_326744338_o13843657_10206231861015327_1877586560_o13843408_10206231860895324_123177412_o13840544_10206231860415312_1820192132_o13838419_10206231860015302_858378691_o13833003_10206231860975326_430147336_o13646767_10206231860855323_1396721914_o13639958_10206231859895299_823226268_o


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