Meet Britney Williams, The Very Beautiful Girl That Looks So Much Like Beyonce


Britney Williams is 20+ years old from Detroit, Michigan, who is getting quite popular on social media because of her uncanny resemblance to Beyonce.

Urban legend says that everybody has a doppelganger out there walking around in the world somewhere. Well, what happens when your double just so happens to be Beyoncé? We asked Brittany Williams, a 20-something woman living in Detroit whose pics started circulating via social media because of her extreme likeness to Mrs. Carter, at least so says the internet. Ironically, she doesn’t see it.

“I actually don’t think we resemble. She is a beautiful woman and so am I. But at the end of the day, God created her to be her and me to be me, and I love being me!” she insists.





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