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Meet Chidiogo Akunyili, Founder Of She ROARs (Reimagining Our Africa Rising)

Chidiogo Akunyili is the founder of She ROARs (Reimagining Our Africa Rising)-a pan-African platform empowering women across Africa to make use their full potential.

Having worked with hundreds of women across Africa, she realized that there is a need to support women on their personal and professional journey so as to tap into their full strength and potential.

She ROARS supports women by equipping them with tools to build the bridge to fulfilling their potential; spaces are created for women to flourish, empower each and impact their communities.

Starting her initiative when she still had a full-time job has taught her to be kind to herself. Knowing that she cannot go far alone, she learnt to trust other talents to help her.

Chidiogo’s greatest lesson since she started her platform is doing things afraid. If a woman has an idea that inspires her, Chidiogo believes in ‘just starting’ and everything would fall into place.

Her platform which is now across Africa started from an intuition, which soon became a business with a name, logo, website, social media presence, a launch and then, a team.

Chidiogo is a multiple award winner, which includes, “100 most influential Young Africans” by Africa Youth Awards and “100 most inspiring women in Nigeria” by the Guardian. She is also a World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellow.


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