Meet Esosa E The Nigerian Shining Across The Globe

Esosa E was born in Nigeria, but moved to the USA with the parents during her early school days.

She’s currently travelling between Los Angeles and South Africa, and has spent the last few months in Cape Town preparing and starring in her one-women show, The Woman Who Would Be King, which ran from 25-30 April 2016. Esosa wrote and acted in the show, playing 10 different characters – it was inspired by the life of Hatshepsut, the first female pharaoh and her journey to the throne.

The actress/producer received such positive feedback that she’s considering a follow-up tour.

Juggling multiples roles is never easy, but Esosa says that the key is not to multitask. Instead of splitting her focus and doing multiple things simultaneously, she works project-to-project, focusing all of her attention on one job at a time.

She says: “I’ve always tried to fit myself into one box, which is the actor box, and I found it frustrating. I’ve been blessed by God with many talents and I have to use [them] all. I’ve figured out how it works for me. I focus on entertainment, producing and acting, fashion and health – one project at a time.

“[Over] the past two months, I shut everything out and was focused solely on the show. That way I’m able to get things done because I don’t allow myself to get sidetracked,” she says.

A natural creative, Esosa was always aware of her love for artistic expression. “My longest standing dream was to be a fashion designer,” she told DESTINY. “I also really like to draw and paint and have always been a creative. I even landed up acting in high school per chance!”

It’s true that creatives constantly have to identify sources to draw inspiration from. For Esosa, music is that fountain of inspiration. Because of her love for fashion, she was inspired by style icons like Prince and Dianna Ross, even considering Prince-like pants for her fashion label, Esosie. She adds that her other style inspiration comes from her parents, who, in their early 20s, were fashion frontrunners.

Esosa leads a very healthy lifestyle. She was a 100% raw food enthusiast for a couple of years, before becoming vegan.

“I don’t eat any processed food, no bread, no rice,” she says. “That’s how my energy is maintained. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and love trying out different restaurants in Cape Town.”

Having lived in lived in Nigeria, New York, California and Jamaica, Esosa believes that African women are the strongest and most beautiful women in the world. “I see the generations before me and look at what they’ve had to deal with, how they carry themselves gracefully while raising kids, going to work and still manage to look fly as heck.”

Esosa believes that Africa is where fashion originated, since she’s seen so many borrow from vibrant African fabrics, styles, colour palette and mannerisms.

She adds: “There’s something about Africans; we have unbreakable spirits. We’re able to turn lemons into lemonade and have a deep capacity for cultivating happiness. People around the world are bound by sorrow, but when you head to African countries, people are enjoying their lives and making the best of what they have, always showing gratitude. I think that’s an art.”

Currently, Esosa’s attention is turned to Rise of the Orisha, a superhero film that she stars in and co-produces. The film is the first in a trilogy and is directed by a Nigerian.

She also wants to shift her focus to her fashion line, which is in high demand.

We cannot wait to see or hear more about this African beauty!

Source: Destinyconnect


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