Meet Nigerian EduTech, Matinati, The New Face of Blended Learning in Africa


MATINATI, an EduTech StartUp founded by a partnership between Uk’s EducationCity and OATS Africa, one of Nigeria’s buzzing tech platforms, in its pre-launch stages and it’s already looking promising. 

Taking advantage of blended learning, which is termed as an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. 

It’s already gaining popularity in Africa with companies like Chalkboard Education in Ghana at its forefront. 

More than 10 schools have already signed up for the program with more queuing up to be a part of this wonderful experience when it launches. 

The program is also opening its doors to families who will be interested to get their children engaged with the carefully curated and rigorous content from Maths, English, Science, Computer Science.

Olaniyan AbdulGafar, The Technical Lead and Operations Manager at MATINATI says “It’s going to be the best thing that has happened to the Nigerian Education sector in a long while and would stand the test of time as the Internet isn’t looking like it’ll fade away anytime soon.”

After speaking with Olaniyan, he spoke more about the company, which has partnered with Edmentum International to bring content from its award-winning primary product, EducationCity, into the platform. He says the major point of call is the Cambridge Curriculum as the solid foundation upon which lessons, programs, and quizzes were built upon.

“Children would have a wonderful time learning their favorite subject through our program. Animated experiences have always been a call point for kids and they easily relate well with creative storytelling. This is all we built this program around and I believe we will change the education narrative in Nigeria “

Slated to launch mid-February, interested schools can contact the company by sending an e-mail to or just visit their website at to know more.

Schools can also benefit from the program. Embedding the program into the instructional calendar and methods helps improve proficiency, global competitiveness and prepares students for the fourth industrial revolution.

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