Meet the ‘Okada Man’ Who Has No Fingers on His Hands

An ‘okada man’ who has no fingers on his hand has inspired many by his dogged approach to work and self-reliance.

The Okada man
This commercial bike rider, otherwise known as ‘okada man’ has no fingers but he is determined to carry on with helping himself and not relying on anyone for help.
A woman who met him recently shared her experience with him accompanied by the pictures.
Read her account below:
Today was my second time of riding on his bike. On the first occasion I never knew he had no fingers on his right hands until the point of giving him money. I was surprised and didn’t even know what to say that day but today when I sighted him, I quickly stopped him because I wanted to have a talk with him as I understand Hausa. He’s from Kankakee and his disability did not stop him from doing his job. He said something that amazed me ‘I can’t beg’..”
See more photos below:

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