Meet the Only Female Motor Mechanic in Delta State

A Nigerian lady who has taken up the herculean career of a motor mechanic which is odd among female folks has surfaced and she feels proud of her job.
Onajite Emoyan is reportedly the only lady mechanic in Delta State. In a recent encounter, Emoyan, 37, regaled The Authority with her experiences as a mechanic and explained why she decided to become one. She is based in the Warri area of Delta state.

Emoyan, 37, is an Urhobo from Agbaroh in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State. She at­tended primary and secondary schools in Warri, the business hub of Delta State. Although her parents wanted her to go on with her studies, for one reason or the other, she could not. She was then advised to seek a trade where she could make a living for herself as a lady. But rather than seek a trade ‘in a woman’s world’ like tailoring or hair dressing, she opted to become a mechanic in the commercial city of Warri.

“My father actually wanted me to continue with my school but I was not interested in school, and so I asked myself what I could do with my life,” she narrated. “Since I could not go to school, my father thereafter advised me to learn a trade but I refused, because my interest or what I wanted to do was to be a mechanic, and that was how I joined the me­chanics in Warri.”

Her choice of career may appear baffling to the unin­formed, but she told The Au­thority she cherishes the pro­fession a lot.

“I just like being a mechan­ic,” she said. “I have not seen women doing it, so I decided to take it as a challenge. I love the job. If anything else comes my way, I wouldn’t abandon my mechanic job; no, not at all. That’s why I’m yet to be mar­ried because men that have come to me told me to leave mechanic, but I told them no, I can’t drop my mechanic job.”

Emoyan is happy being the only female mechanic among the over 5000 mechanics in Delta State. And she is ag­ile and active in the associa­tion of mechanics in the state, otherwise called the Nigerian Automobile Technicians As­sociation (NATA).
An insider told a reporter that other mechanics respect her because she is the only woman among them.
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