Meet These 8 Gorgeous Wives And Girlfriends of Top Nigerian Footballers (Photos)

Nigerian football heroes also have lives beyond the pitch. They often go home to the luxurious arms of their loving women. We present to you the women with whom these highly-paid stars spend their fat salaries
Promise Enyeama
Former Super Eagles and current French club, Lille, goalkeeper, Victor Enyeama, is a man who always gives his all to the game whenever he is on the field. This causes many to wonder how he always manages to be in the right frame of mind while manning the goalpost.However, it is now clear that the footballer’s peaceful home is the secret of his perpetual calm mien on the pitch.
He and his wife, Promise, recently celebrated their 12-year wedding anniversary, and from all indications, the couple is still going strong. Married in June 2006, Promise is the mother of Vincent’s three children.
Though homely, Promise can also look ‘hot’ when she wants to. She lives a quiet but luxurious life as she often takes vacations to exotic locations around the world. She may not be the quintessential WAG but she sure adds colour to her husband’s life.
Amarachi Kanu
This beauty isn’t just a WAG, she is also a fitness expert and the author of a book titled, Healthy Living. Married at 18 to Kanu Nwankwo in 2004, the mother of three holds a Bachelor in Architecture and a Master in Entrepreneurial Management.
Amarachi knows the importance of maintaining a taut body, as it reflects perfectly on her man. Hence, she takes great care in ensuring that she appears in top form at all times. Drop dead gorgeous with an even skin tone, Amarachi, doesn’t have to struggle to get attention. She carefully selects the events she appears at and whenever she steps out, she is a sight for sore eyes.
She rocks expensive jewelry and rides in choice automobiles. Needless to say, she doesn’t need tutoring on how to enjoy her husband’s money.
Adaeze Yobo 
Unarguably, one of the more popular Nigerian WAGs, the former MBGN who is married to Joseph Yobo has 167,000followers on Instagram.A motherof three kids, Adaeze doesn’t just have a pretty face, she has a large heart too.She has a foundation which promotes the awareness of AIDS and breast cancer.
Adaeze’s fashion choices are also impeccable as she knows how to combine the right colours and styles to cut an alluring picture. A photographer’s delight, every pose she strikes reminds all of her pedigree as a model.
Sonia Ighalo
The mother of Nigerian footballer, Odion Ighalo’s three beautiful children, the duo were reportedly childhood sweethearts. Although Odion is very private about his family and personal life, he has never been ashamed to flaunt his beautiful wife. Sonia says she prays for her husband before any game and this is obviously the contributing factor to his successful career.
Sonia is a stunner any day and she makes good use of her husband’s money to appear clean, elegant and sophisticated at all times.
Olga Dyachenko
Although Nigerian footballers like to settle for homemade women, it was Russian model, Olga Dyachenko, that caught Mikel Obi’s eye. The pair met in his house in London, which was in the same compound as her father’s house. The mother of his twin children has endured endless criticisms from numerous Nigerians but has stayed steady by her man all the way.
Olga has also shown that when it comes to style, she is not a pushover as she effortlessly pulls a combination of casual, cool and chic looks; depending on the outing.
Nkechi Okocha
Austin Okocha and his wife, Nkechi, have been married for over 20 years but on seeing the display of love between the couple, you would think that they just met each other. Even though ugly rumours have trailed their marriage in the past, the duo has weathered the storm. The couple has proven that love conquers all heights, literally; with Nkechi towering over him with a significant height difference.
A leggy beauty, Nkechi is a perfect adornment for Austin whenever they step out. The couple has two grown kids (a boy and girl) and it is obvious that they do everything to make their children satisfied.
When it comes to fashion, Nkechi surely knows her onions. She is usually conservative, yet classy. She makes sure that whatever she wears sits well on her yet is not attention-grabbing.
She is also a major support system for her hubby and it has been said that she often gives her man solid advice as regards his business.
Stephanie Uche
Here’s another beauty queen who has won the heart of a Nigerian footballer. Married to Kalu Uche in 2011, Stephanie, has birthed two children with the footballer.The baby-faced entrepreneur is a graduate of the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria, and she has made some strides with her wellness brand, Stephanie Nicholas Wellness, which is focused on helping tackle issues relating to hormonal changes and weight gain after pregnancy. The 2008 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria is not just a pretty face; she’s the real definition of beauty and brains.
Chioma Omeruo
This WAG courted controversy recently, not for her beauty or her recent marriage to Super Eagles footballer hubby, Kenneth Omeruo, but for her discourteous statement to legend, Austin Okocha. Chioma, who threw social media agog last year with her proposal video has soon started making her way to the bottom of the WAGS ranking and she hasn’t even settled into the group just yet.
However, many have also argued that Chioma was pushed by the fierce love she has for her husband to verbally attack Okocha over his statement about her husband’s playing skills. It is expected that the aggrieved parties can find a way to settle their differences behind the scenes. That way, Chioma might again find favour in the eyes of football fans.
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