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Meet The Top 3 Foot Wear Designers In Nigeria

Biafran shoes

When talking about fashion, shoes are very important accessories that add beauty to the overall look. In other words, shoes don’t just protect our feet, they add beauty to us.

Everyone knows how important footwear is for the overall look. We spend ages trying to find the perfect pair online or in shoe stores, and then we carefully pair footwear with clothes for a complete outfit.

Nigeria is among Africa’s leaders in the footwear industry, as there are plenty of designers making beautiful and practical shoes.

1. T.T. Dalk
T.T. Dalk was founded by Temilade Osinfade, who first started designing footwear back when he was a university student. At that time he used to create prototypes of slippers and shoes and make professional shoemakers produce footwear for him. Soon his shoes became noticed by fellow students, and that’s how his business started to grow.

Today Temilade Osinfade is the owner of a prospering shoe company. His footwear is often featured in fashion magazine spreads and fashion shows, as well as frequently worn by Nigerian and African celebrities. T.T. Dalk shoes are mostly sold online and have a huge following of fans.

tt dalk

2. Haus of Hercules
If T.T. Dalk is mostly known for making casual footwear like slippers and basic shoes, Haus of Hercules is a totally different story. The brand’s collections of footwear all have a luxury feel to them thanks to the use of exquisite fabrics like velvet, suede, and tweed, as well as one-of-a-kind patterns.

Haus of Hercules dates back to 2010 when the company was founded by Christopher Jeje, who only had $30 as his startup capital. Currently, the brand can be seen all over the African and international runways, and new collections of moccasins, brogues, loafers, and other trendy footwear get released regularly.

haus of hercules

3. Hesey Designs
The founder of Hesey Designs, Odiete Eseoghene, is one of the few female Nigerian designers of shoes. She had a passion for footwear ever since she was a little girl. She started working on creating her own shoe brand back when she was a university student, and immediately after she graduated, her business started rapidly growing.

Hesey Designs produces clothing, shoes, and accessories like handbags. The unique thing about Odiete’s designs is the African vibe that cannot be missed. The high point of her career was probably the time when she designed sneakers for Richard Branson for the Virgin Atlantic event in London, which looked exactly like the traditional African footwear in a modern setting.



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