Meet Victor Oladipo, Winner Of NBA Most Improved Player Of The Year Award

On the off chance that there’s one basketballer making Nigeria glad in the NBA, it’s surely Victor Oladipo. From rising as the MVP at the 2017 NBA Africa Game, he gave us a minute we’ll always remember by taking a dunk operating at a profit Panther cover. Presently, he’s been named the NBA’s Most Improved Player of the Year for the 2017-18 season!

Oladipo, who plays for Indiana Pacers, beat any semblance of Spencer Dinwiddie and Clint Capela to the honor, making him the fifth player in the historical backdrop of the group to win the honor.

This season, he set new vocation highs in each major measurable class in the NBA – discuss focuses per amusement, bounce back, helps, squares and takes for which he’s the main player. In this way, it’s nothing unexpected he’s being remunerated for his consistency.

The 26-year-old joined the Indiana Pacers almost a year ago after he was traded for a much more experienced player, Paul George. Oladipo proved himself in the team after he equaled George’s record of at least 20 points and two steals per game.

When Oladipo isn’t shooting hoops, he’s hitting high notes. No wonder he couldn’t help but sing some lines from his song, “One Day” at the award ceremony.


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