For Men: How To Approach And Start A Conversation With A Lady

man woos a lady
man woos a lady

For men, the real hustle comes when you meet someone you do not know from Adam and you get attracted immediately. The task of going over to start a conversation becomes a real headache. This can be a very nervous moment for most guys and it’s understandable because you are not sure whether she’ll respond to your greeting when you go over, or even smile at you.

But really, this shouldn’t be such an arduous task, it just needs you practicing a few pointers which we are going to make available to you right here. Approaching girls is something every guy must master because that’s the most important aspect of the dating game.

So if you’re green or inexperienced in approaching girls, then sit tight and right to the end. Below are tips you’ll need to approach a total female stranger:

1. Steal Glances At Her

Where ever you’re standing or sitting, make sure you have eye contact with her. Occasionally, glance over at her but don’t keep it locked, look away as soon as she notices you.You’re trying to catch her attention but you also want feedback before you move in for the kill and this is a perfect strategy. This gesture will arouse her curiosity and she’ll be forced to steal glances at you just to see if you’re still looking at her.

  2. Look And Lock

So now you have her attention and she’s occasionally stealing glances at you, this is the perfect opportunity to lock that gaze in a couple of seconds. The move is to create sexual chemistry between you two before you move over so don’t look for too long, else you’ll end up making her nervous and this will not work in your favour. The trick is to make her more curious about you.


3.  Make Her Know That She’s On Your Mind

I know you’re asking, how? Ok, relax and listen, women enjoy attention and are flattered by it therefore, once you successfully execute #1 and #2, it’s time to let her know that she’s indeed captured your attention. So if you’re with your friends, appear distracted from your conversation with them. Appear out of focus with whatever you’re doing and make her feel that nothing matters to you at the moment apart from her.

4. Flirt With A Smile

So now she gets the message and is responding with her own glances but we need to be really sure that she’s interested so flash her a little smile at this stage. It shouldn’t be a big grin, this will scare her. Just a smile that says “I like you” or “I’m feeling you”. If she returns your smile, it’s game time.

5. Head Over And Introduce Yourself

You’ve stated your interest and she looks interested too so keep your eye on her and head over. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for so don’t mess it up. Don’t be jittery, don’t appear shy, walk with an upright posture and keep your shoulders firm. Once you near her, offer your hand and introduce yourself. This is basically all you need to start talking to that stranger female you just met. If at any stage of these tips, she doesn’t reciprocate your gesture, you’ll have to abandon everything and look elsewhere.


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