For Men: How Fufu And Garri Are Making You Weak In Bed

Husband weak in the bedroom

A lot of men don’t know this, but the truth is that most of the foods we eat as Nigerians could destroy your ability to perform as a man in the bedroom if you don’t know what to do.

How to satisfy your woman

What do I mean?

Most of the food we eat like rice, yam, flour based foods, cassava based foods like fufu, eba etc convert into sugar in your blood stream and atimes it is in excess especially if you don’t do a lot of exercise.

And the bad thing is that this excess sugar in the blood tampers with blood flow and that results in weak erections.

Funny enough, our forefathers knew about this and that is why they took special herbs from time to time to flush out excess sugar and other erection killing poisons from their body.

As a matter of fact, the herbs they took also helped in removing clot from the heart and arteries to improve general blood flow in the body.

The problem nowadays is that most of the people with excellent knowledge of these herbs are no longer alive and that is why majority of the herbs been peddled all over the place are junks and some are even dangerous.

We have put together a therapy that combines selected ancient herbs that will renew your bedroom stamina and it is called the 15 Minutes Erection Booster therapy.

But I need to caution you.

The 15 minutes erection booster therapy will increase the rate at which you have massive hard erections starting from when you wake up. And it is going to jack up your sex drive.

So, if your wife has low sex drive, you probably shouldn’t use it.


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