Microsoft Is Ending Support For Skype On Windows Phone 8 And Older Versions Of Android

Microsoft, owners of Skype, has announced that it will be dropping support for Skype on Windows Phone 8 and older versions of Android.

The tech giant says it is making this move because it is changing the platform’s focus from a P2P service to cloud-based services.

Support for Skype on iOS 8, Android 4.03 and Windows 10mobile will still be continued, Microsoft says, according toInnovation Village report.

The Redmond-based company has also previewed its new, much more modern Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for ots Skype client, hence users of Skype on Windows 8 and older Android versions will no longer receive access to the latest versions of Skype.

Asides from supporting Windows 10 Mobile, UWP has been given a huge upgrade as Microsoft continues to rebuild Skype’s client functionality with the new app itself.

Users will now be able to make calls to landlines, voicemail support is now available, screen sharing is now supported, and translation has been integrated into audio and video calls are now available.


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