Microsoft Giving Opens Up Users Of It’s Platforms To Gmail, Google Drive, Others

Microsoft has started testing their integration of Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar into their webmail client on certain accounts. Users will be able to link their Google Account to any account and —after doing so—Google Calendar, documents in Google Drive, and Gmail will immediately be shown inside

The integration with Google Drive will support files and documents from Google’s service, allowing users to swiftly attach them to emails in both Gmail and Outlook. The integration will also make it easier for individuals who use G Suite email for work and who utilize their Outlook account for personal use.


For those of us who can remember the days of Windows or nothing at all, this type of news continues to be a revelation. It’s all part of Microsoft’s ongoing plan to help its customers be more productive on the cloud and that may not necessarily mean using all of Microsoft’s applications to do it. The end result? If you’re an Office 365 user, but you prefer Gmail or Google Drive, then now you have options.

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