MMM Nigeria 2017: Top Guider Speaks On Ponzi Scheme’s Operation

 Despite the claim of the operators of the popular ponzi scheme, Marvodi Mondial Movement, (MMM) that it is up and running, participants are getting frustrated by the day amid fears that they may not recover their investments.
Their frustration has to do with the fact that the new measures to help them get their 2016  investment (mavro) is not helping based on withdrawal limits placed on all 2016 deposits.
The scheme was suspended last December and resumed January 13.
Following the  implementation of the  new means to resume the scheme which encourages participants to get active on their Personal Office (PO) on the platform by providing help since this is the only way to sustain the MMM platform, many are becoming uncomfortable over their growing 2016 mavro which cannot be withdrawn.
Some participants who have provided help recently claimed they were not able to withdraw their 2016 mavro (money) but could only withdraw the 2017 transactions they made.
The Nation reports that one of the MMM top guiders who does not want his name mentioned said “The challenge MMM faces today is not MMM based but participants based.  If you ask me I will rather say there is hope for MMM if only MMM participants can turn up when called upon.
“ Lots of measures are being implemented for participants to get their 2016 mavro and one of these measures is active PHing ( providing help)  and inviting new members. And as for latest development, all 2017 mavro can be easily GHed ( Get help)  without any limit but the 2016 mavro are saved in participants various PO and they continue to grow even though their withdrawal is under limit.
“The faster the community will progress, the higher withdrawal limits will be expanded and the present limit will  subsequently be lifted,” he said.
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