Morning Walks Could Be Effective As Medication At Lowering Blood Pressure

Studies has shown that a 30-minute walk in the morning could be as effective as medication at lowering blood pressure.

Researchers at the University of Western Australia found that 30 minutes of walking on a treadmill in the morning improved participants’ blood pressure readings for the rest of the day. They also said that for some individuals, the morning walk could replace the need for medication.

United Kingdom said about one-third of adults that have high blood pressure in Britain, which is about 12 million people, take medication for the condition.

For the study, the Lead Author, Prof. Michael Wheeler and colleagues assessed 67 overweight and obese men and women, aged 55 to 80, who engaged in three different eight hours daily routines.

The first routine involved sitting continuously for eight hours. The second involved sitting for an hour before walking for 30 minutes at moderate intensity on a treadmill, followed by sitting for a further 6.5 hours. While the third routine involved sitting for one hour before a 30-minute treadmill walk and then sitting for 6.5 hours, with interruptions every 30 minutes.

The results showed that blood pressure was significantly lower when participants engaged in the routines that involved walking, compared with the sitting-only routine.


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