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Most Industrialized States In Nigeria

Manufacturing Output

Nigeria is Africa’s second largest economy right now. Today we take a look at the states that contributes the most to this bustling economy.

1O. Osun

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This state is located in the South-West part of Nigeria; it is a perfect place for various business ventures.

Osun State is one of the centers for the chemical industry of Nigeria. You can find a lot of manufacturing investment opportunities here. The most prominent industries in the area include Samtop Paint Chemical Industries, Criss Cross Integrated Services, Webring Integrated Services Limited, etc. The most promising industry in the state is the Cocoa Industry, which processes over 20,000 tonnes of cocoa daily. 8.

9. Imo State

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This state is located in the South-East of Nigeria. Imo has one of Nigeria’s most thriving hospitality industry and night life. Its capital, Owerri boasts of a very vigorous and enticing nightlife complete with similar service rendering industries. State Sandwiched between the industrial centers of Aba and Port- Harcort, Owerri is often the recipient of tourist revenue from visitors coming from surrounding cities attracted by Owerri’s tourist attractions. The state is also an oil producing one and has a number of oil companies remitting revenue.

8. Akwa Ibom State

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This state is located in the coastal region of southern Nigeria. It has a population of over 5m people.

Akwa Ibom state launched the first Electric Metering Industry in Nigeria. The main idea of this industry is to reduce the high cost of electricity in the state.

This state is also home for various chemical industries in the southern region of Nigeria. The state harbors the toothpick and pencil industries. Do not forget that it is also one of the highest oil and gas producing states in the country. 7.

7. Kano State

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Kano state can be considered the most industrialized state in the north of Nigeria. Some people refer to it as the largest industrial center after Lagos State.

Kano State currently has over one hundred different industries. These industries include animal feed, dairy products, vegetable oil, food, soft drinks, furniture, ceramics, рharmaceutical, enamelware, plastics, footwear, textile, cosmetics and tanning industries.

6. Oyo State

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Oyo state is home to one of the largest tobacco companies in the country.

It holds a lot of juicy investment opportunities and is also one of the largest agricultural centers in the country.

5. Abia State

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Abia state is located in the South East of Nigeria. Abia is on this list solely upon the industry around the popular Aba city.

A highly industrialised and commercial nerve center, Aba boats the large scale production of cosmetics, footwear, cement, plastics, soap, рharmaceuticals and textile industries. And boasting of a million plus energetic and enterprising populace, Aba is a very huge market.

4. Anambra State

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This is another industrial centre located in the South-East of Nigeria. The capital of Anambra state is Awka.

Anambra is a highly urbanised and industrialised state, boasting a manufacturing haven in Nnewi, often called the Japan of Africa, as well as Africa’s largest market in Onitsha.

Anambra boasts the production of Africa’s first indigenous vehicles, among other products.

3. Ogun State

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Ogun state is located in the south-western region of the country; it is called the Gateway to Nigeria. Benefiting from a close proximity to Lagos, Ogun state has been home to a lot of industries that spilled over from Lagos.

It is also the beneficiary of the encroaching Lagos metropolis. It is home to a lot of industries including food, textile, ceramic and beverage industries. It is a perfect place to invest money in Nigeria.

2. Rivers State

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Rivers state is second on the list of top industrialized states in Nigeria. The capital and largest city of the state is Port Harcourt, it is also one of the most significant cities in Nigeria. Rivers State is one of the biggest suppliers of income to the nation. The state is rich in natural resources like oil and gas. Rivers state was the richest import sector of the British Empire.

As at today, around 60% of crude oil is produced in the state. Energy is another key factor for the economic growth of the region. This state is the highest consumer of electricity in the country. Nonetheless, the authorities of the state also try to find alternative sources of energy, like introducing the use of solar power.

Rivers State’s industry revolve around the largely oil driven manufacturing and rentage sector.

1. Lagos State

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This is the heart of commerce and industry in Nigeria. It is the most economically important state of the country and has hundreds of industries. It is also the center of innovation and IT technologies in the country.

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