Music is the Antidote for Depression – Adewale Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba has advised Nigerian youth to explore the therapeutic essence of music as it could heal emotional and psychological pain.

Ayuba said music is spiritual as it ministers to the spirit and soul, thereby rejuvenating mental health.

He urged Nigerians to listen to music with positive content because it could go a long way in making them retain sound mental health.

“Music is the food for the soul, it allays depression and psychological hurts,” the musician told NAN on Wednesday.

“That is the reason you find Psychiatric Doctors advising their patients to listen to music because of its soothing effect to the mental health.

“Am talking about music with positive contents, that is the one that has absolute healing effect, instilling morals in the younger ones and educating them.


“For everyone depressed or going through a challenge, cooling off with music will help such individuals because music ministers to the soul, heals emotional wounds and proffers solutions to problems.”

Ayuba attributed the cause of negative musical content from artistes to the fact that most Nigerian youth prefer music with obscene content as it sells faster than those with positive contents.

He advised artistes in the entertainment industry to consider morals in their music so as not to derail the youth.

“Our first task as musicians is to ensure that people learn from our music and stay conscious of the messages we are passing across so that the society can be a better place,” he said.


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