Ladies!!! Necessary Items That Should Be In Your Handbag

john-galliano_ppl_w_s16_pa_003_thumbMost ladies are with big handbags all the time but when checked, the bags are filled with tons of unnecessary items that they never use. Now, here are some important essential that should be in every lady’s handbag.

Identity proofs:  You never can tell when this will be useful, be sure to carry some means of identification with you always. It can be your passport, your driver’s license, national ID card or any other proof of your identity.

Hand cream: The skin on the hand tends to dry up most times, so in order to keep your hands soft and supple, make sure that you carry a good hand cream in your handbag.

Tissue paper: This is important to clean your face of smudged makeup, to dab off sweat, wipe hands, etc. A tissue paper will come in handy when you are out. Hence, make sure that you never leave home without a handy pack of tissues.

Tampons/Sanitary pads: Every woman must make sure that she carries some period paraphernalia along every time for your unexpected visitor. Even if you are not expecting your periods, it never hurts to be safe.

Cash and Debit cards: This is the main use of a handbag, cash is always useful while you’re travelling or just moving about. You never know when you may require it. Hence, make sure that you always carry sufficient amount of cash, depending on the place you’re going to. It is not always safe to carry big amount of cash along. But you never know when you may unexpectedly require more cash than you’re carrying. Therefore, it is always advisable to carry a debit card along when you’re going far away from home.

Hand Sanitizer: A small hand sanitizer bottle is a very useful thing because you get in contact with germs unknowingly daily. A hand sanitizer helps your hands stay free of germs. And for those places where you may not get soap easily, your small hand sanitizer bottle comes in handy then.


Pocket size perfume: These refillable travel perfume sprays are perfect for your bag. Just remove the top knob to your perfume and you can pump the travel spray full of your favourite scent and use anytime you feel you are smelling

Pen and a Notepad: Be sure to go out with a pen and note pad while going out, in case you need to take note of something. Choose a lightweight notepad, so it’s easy to carry around.

Lip gloss or balm: Many women have this habit of biting their lips. As a result, they end up eating the lip colour on their lips. Similarly, while talking and eating, it is hard for the lipstick you applied at home to stay intact on the lips throughout the day. Hence, it is advisable to carry lip gloss or balm along wherever you go, to keep your lips glowing.

Breath mint or mint gum: Save any embarrassment of bad breath and keep this one in your bag at all times. Bad breath can be quite a turn off.

Mobile phone: In case you forget any of the above, you can always use your phone to call someone to help you out. Apart from this, games on a phone will keep you occupied when you are super bored. In case of an emergency, a cell phone can be a serious life saver, literally.

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