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Must Watch: The 20-Second Makeup Trick Every Thin-Haired Girl Needs


When you see a celebrity with impossibly full-looking hair, you can rest assured those thick manes are not solely God-given. The secrets out as far as extensions and strategic cuts and colour are concerned, but there’s more in that bag of tricks… and it doesn’t require a single pricey hair appointment. All you need is eye shadow. With a touch of well-placed powder, you can redefine an uneven hairline, disguise thin spots (e.g. where your part is), and make your hair look thicker.

Check out the instructions below, and click play on the video to see how to transform your hairline!

  1. Raid your eye shadow stash to find a matte shade that matches the colour of your roots, only a shade or two lighter. Your contour powder may work, too.
  2. Using the shadow and a small blush or contour brush, lightly fill in any sparse or uneven sections of your hairline. Be careful to start in your hair, not on your skin, to avoid looking like you have makeup lining your face. Remember: You can always add more. If you need more control, use a short, flat eye shadow brush (like this Eye Shadow Brush, £25, from Bobbi Brown). It allows for a precise application—perfect for filling in your part.
  3. And that’s it—a resculpted hairline and thicker-looking tresses in under 20 seconds.



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