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My Father Cried When I Got Pregnant At 14 – Veteran Actress, Ada Ameh

Nollywood veteran actress and The Johnsons’ star, Ada Ameh in a new interview recounted how she dropped out of school after she got pregnant at 14.

According to the actress who went on to get a diploma in cosmetology, she only saw her father cry twice and that was when her mum died and when she got pregnant at 14. She said in her interview with Punch;

I was born in Lagos into a family of 11 children. I had five elder brothers and five younger sisters. My dad was a naval officer who was very friendly with his kids. My mother sells food and is a businesswoman. She, on the other hand, was the disciplinarian. I am very proud of her, especially for her strength and hardworking spirit. My father always preached love to us. We had our schedule on check – we knew what to do when we got home from school and when to do them. As a kid, I was a tomboy.

I dropped out of secondary school when I had my baby at 14. I went back to sit for the GCE as an external candidate and went on to get a diploma in Cosmetology.


On parenting, Ada Ameh said;

There’s no person who would give birth to a child at a young age and have an easy experience. My parents were genuinely devastated. Prior to that time, I had only seen my father cry once and that was when his mother, whom he loved dearly, passed on. The only other time I ever saw my dad cry was when I came home pregnant. After that, I was kicked out of the house but was later brought back. At that time, I couldn’t disclose the father of my child because I knew it would affect his job in the Armed Forces. My siblings were a great support system and I am forever grateful for the love they showed me. My daughter and her father are on relating terms and I relate with his children well too. He’s the father of my child and I respect him. My daughter is my greatest gift. She is my best friend and confidant.

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