NATURAL REMEDIES: 11 Brilliant Home Remedies For Common Infections You Must Know


Natural remedies available that can be utilized for your overall well being.

Have a look:

Menstrual pain: Mix the juice of 2-3 lemons in cold water and have it every day for relief.

Chronic headache: Peel and chop apple. Dash some salt and have it the first thing in the morning.

Flatulence: Mix about 1/4th spoon of baking soda in water and drink for relief.

Sore throat: Boil 2-3 basil leaves in water and let it boil on low flame till the juice of the leaf is extracted. You can use the liquid for gargle.

Mouth ulcers: Ripe banana with honey offer instant relief. This can be turned into a paste and applied on affected areas.

Sinus congestion: Mix organic apple cider vinegar with a pinch of cayenne pepper powder in less than half a cup of hot water. Have it while it is warm atleast twice a day.

High BP: Have amla with milk daily is believed to lower blood pressure. This should ideally be taken early in the morning.

Asthma: Mix one tablespoon of honey with half tablespoon cinnamon. Have it at bedtime.

Dandruff: Mix camphor with coconut oil. You can apply this every night before going to sleep

Premature graying of hair: Dry amlas and cut boil in coconut oil till the amla pieces turn like charred dust. Massage it daily on the skin.

Dark circles: Mix orange juice with glycerine to lighten the dark circles.

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