All You Need Know About The Origin Of Cultism In Nigerian Universities!!

A secret cult is as an organization where individuals come together to pledge their allegiances, under an oath and have a social bond of commitment and dedication for the good of the organization.

Their activities are kept secret- thus the name “secret cult”, and kept away from other members of the society or non-members of the group.

Secret cults carry out their meetings when people are not aware of, especially during odd-hours.

They are rampant in higher institutions across the world, and have become a permanent feature in Nigerian campuses.

This vice is alarmingly finding its way among secondary school students and if not curbed might spread to even primary schools.

Unfortunately, most of these cult groups were formed for positive purposes, but they ended up becoming brutal and harmful to other students and the school communities.

Here’s a list out 6 major cult groups in Nigerian campuses.


1. Pyrate Confraternity


The origin of cultism in Nigerian universities

It was founded by Wole Soyinka and a group of friends at the elite University College, Ibadan then part of the University of London. And today it has been changed from campus confraternity to a community focused. It remains dedicated to social advocacy, humanitarian and charitable endeavours within and outside Nigeria. Their mission has changed totally as the group has been infiltrated by unscrupulous elements.

2. Eternal Fraternal Order Of Legion Consortium

Dedy na debt

The origin of cultism in Nigerian universities

This cult was started by five students at the University of Calabar, Cross River state during the military era in 1983. Its ideals were borrowed from a cult in California and bears another name known as ETERNAL FRATERNAL ORDER OF LEGION CONSORTIUM. They worship a demon called “Ogor” as their god. Symbolized by a human skull. The group is noted for their hardened stance.

3. Eiye Confraternity


The origin of cultism in Nigerian universities

This cult group was established to make positive impact on the social-political mind, social cultural, physical and mental development of its members, and where indifferent to other conventional cult group. This group is synonymous with violence.

4. Supreme Vikings Confraternity (SVC)


The origin of cultism in Nigerian universities

The Supreme Vikings Confraternity (National Association of Adventurers or, alternately, De Norsemen Club of Nigeria) was formed by three young men 1982 who were former members of the Buccaneers at the University of Port Harcourt.

5. Black Axe Confraternity


The origin of cultism in Nigerian universities

The Neo-Black Movement of Africa (also called Black Axe) was formed at the University of Benin in Benin City . This cult was formed to fight against oppression of black men at the university. The group is known for fomenting trouble across various campuses.

6. Mafia Confraternity


The origin of cultism in Nigerian universities

The Mafia Confraternity aka The Family Fraternity- COSANOSYRA was formed in 1978 at the University of Ilorin in Kwara state. They are known for their violent disposition in campuses.


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