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Never Post These 11 Things About Your Relationship Online

When it comes to relationships, it is very tempting to show off your significant other on social media for everyone to see. While everyone wants to be all over their partner’s Facebook page or Instagram page, there have to be certain restrictions.

So these are the restrictions as to what you can and cannot post on social media concerning your relationship, and why.

1. What happens between the sheets

Whatever you do, don’t post anything publicly without the full consent of your partner, or you could be putting your relationship in jeopardy.

“When someone posts personal information about their relationship, they are also revealing things about their partner that they may not want to be shared with the public. This can damage trust between the couple.

2. Personal details about your partner

Those details sweeter when they’re just between the two of you.

As a general rule of thumb, ask your partner if you can post a personal detail you’re thinking of sharing. If they say no, honour their objection.

3. The mushy stuff

The world doesn’t necessarily want to know your secret pet names. Save that stuff for texts or emails. Better yet, send an old-fashioned love letter. You’d be surprised how effective something as simple as a piece of paper can be.

Posting this type of information minimizes the specialness of the relationship. An important characteristic of intimate relationships is it uniqueness.

4. Unapproved pictures of your partner on the camera

Remember the social media relationship rule of thumb: Ask before posting. You’ll never go wrong when you get permission first.

5. Kissing selfies

You have nothing to prove. If you’re not an actor in the latest hit rom-com, nobody wants to see you kiss. Some things just don’t belong on social media.

6. Mean jokes about your significant other

Social media is famously bad at transmitting tone. And the tone is the only difference between a flirtatious jab among lovers and a cruel jibe at your loved one’s expense. Without the context that you share as a couple, people aren’t going to see the humour in your partner’s uncanny ability to get lost in his own hometown. They’ll just see disrespect.

10 Things You Should Never Post Online About Your Relationship

7. Pictures of pricey presents.

 That’s great if your partner can afford diamonds and jewels and Apple products. Showing those gifts off on social media is a big mistake, though.

Class resentment is a real and powerful force in our culture. Even if you don’t make your friends hate you, you might simply make them feel bad that they can’t afford such a fancy present.

8. Passive-aggressive notes about your partner.

If you have a problem with your partner, talk it out in person. Throwing vague clues to the hounds of social media is just going to make things worse.

9.Ultrasound pictures

Pregnancy is a beautiful miracle and all, but it’s also very personal.

It makes sense to announce your joyful event (although note that most doctors recommend you wait until the second trimester when the risk of miscarriage plummets). However, you don’t need an ultrasound to do that; words will do just fine.

10. Breakdown of your relationship

It’s best to resist the urge to vent on social media.

Chances are you still share a lot of friends. Coming on too strong about your broken heart can make them feel like they have to pick sides. And if you’re the one who started the trash talk, you’ve got a disadvantage in that contest.

11. Everything

Posting intimate details is a sign of poor personal boundaries. With more potential and current employers monitoring social media, that information is not likely looked upon as positive. It also says to others that you are willing to post personal information on social media about them as well. Other friends and family may be less likely to trust you as well.


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