Why You Should NEVER Stay In An Abusive Relelationshp,

People that stay in abused relationship always think their partner will change one day or stay because of one or two reasons known to them but no matter what no one should be forced or willing to stay in an abuse relationship. Here are some reasons why you should never stay in an abusive relationship.

Abuse in relationships are not only physical, it can also emotional or psychological abuse which are even worse than physical abuse. Psychological or emotional  can make one question one’s sanity, breaking one’s self-esteem and making one do the unthinkable

Not Normal: Most people think their relationship is healthy and normal because they are not been abused physically while deep down they are been psychologically or emotionally. It is not normal nor healthy to be in a relationship where you are been abused with words, intimidated, belittled, threatened or coerced into. Someone is out there that will treat you better than what you are enduring now.

It is your duty to endure abuse: Most people are made to believe that suffering in relationships is a sign of love which is a very fat lie, this is common with women who believe they are only suffering for love baby girl run as fast as your legs can carry you.No sane partner will put you through emotional, physical or psychological problem.

It can lead to loss of trust: Abusive relationship can make one lose trust for other people, one might become paranoid and start avoiding other people when one stays in an abusive relationship for too long and starting something new later might become very difficult.

It might get fossilised: An abused victim might end up thinking he/she is the one at fault thereby leading the abuser to believe abuse is a normal thing and therefore continue abusing others too.

Your emotions have to be respected: Abuse starts with not respecting one’s partner’s boundaries, if you respect your partner you won’t be able to abuse them in any form whatever.



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