New Recipe: How To Make Classic Garri Paprika Rolls

Garri Paprika Rolls-A fanciful twist on Garri, which is an edible starch made from cassava, and eaten with many Nigerian and West African Soups. It is so so so easy to make and also delicious.

Prep Time – 2 minutes

Cook Time – 5 minutes

1 fist size Garri already made
2 tbsp paprika
1/2 tsp olive oil
1 sheet wax paper


Make a very small amount of Garri as you normally would. This is done by mixing the Garri granules with boiling hot water and forming it into a ball. Set aside.

Rub a sheet of wax paper evenly with the olive oil and roll out the ball of Garri onto it. The olive oil prevents sticking and gives it a bit of a glow. You don’t even need to get our your rolling pin – I used my bottle of paprika to roll it!

Now sprinkle a generous helping of paprika over the entire sheet of Garri.

Pick up one corner of the paprika’d Garri and begin to roll it, very gently, until you have a long slim roll. Use the paper to help guide the roll, and a palette knife to scrape up any small bits of Garri that get left behind.

With the same palette knife (or regular knife) if you don’t have one, carefully slice the roll into finger width-slices.

Serve with your soup of choice.


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