Ngwo Pine Forest: A home To One Of Nature’s Peaceful Gift To Man

The shade of Ngwo Pine Forest is heavenly; the serenity is priceless, and the atmosphere is pleasing to the soul.

When it comes to the showcasing of natures beauty, the eastern part of Nigeria ranks supreme. Enugu state is endowed with some of the most wonderful tourist centres in the world.

Ngwo is a humble farming community on the outskirt of Enugu, the capital of Enugu state, and it is home to one of nature’s peaceful gift to man—Ngwo Pine Forest.

The peaceful pine forest of Ngwo is located twenty minutes away from the coal city of Nigeria.

And as the name implies, the forest is a serene garden of pine trees with endless beautiful display.

In particular, the shade of Ngwo Pine Forest is heavenly; the serenity is priceless, and the atmosphere is pleasing to the soul.

Deep inside the forest lies a cave of limestone rock carrying a small waterfall with a shallow pool.

Ngwo Pine Forest is a perfect destination for tourists.

The accommodating spirit of her people does not only compel admiration, it also makes Ngwo community a home away from home.

Their children are innocent and the aged ones are friendly.

The peace of the forest extend her quietness to the village as well; making it a haven of humble dwellings.

There are not many places in the world like Ngwo Pine forest. The serenity that rules within the confines of the forest is amazing. And the experience that it gives is deathless.

How to get to Ngwo Pine Forest?

On reaching the Village of Ngwo, which is at the outskirt of Enugu, ask for the Village Head and request for the local tour guides. You will be taken through the pine forest and cave.

It is important to state that there are affordable accommodations within the locality of the forest. And they include;

  • Hiltop Motel

Along Hilltop Road, Ngwo

  • Beemattz Hotel Limited

38 Enugu Road, Ngwo, 9th Mile

  • Venco Palace Hotel & Suite

1 Venco Avenue, Ngwo, 9th Mile

When is the best time to visit Ngwo Pine Forest?

You can visit the forest any time of the year. But it is best advised to visit it during the dry season or when the rain is not falling at its peak.


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