Nigeria Police is One of the Best in Africa – Yomi Shogunle

Head of Police Complaint Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU), Abayomi Shogunle has, in a response to a tweet, said that the Nigerian Police Force is one of the best in Africa.

Shogunle had been criticised by @segalink, who spearheaded the #EndSARS campaign on social media, for saying the Force’s ceremonial uniform is the best in Nigeria.

“The world will not rate our police based on their ceremonial uniform but their conduct and professionalism. You are law enforcers not Fashion Police. I believe as we proceed with the reforms, we will be sincere to the cause & not play to the gallery,” @segalink had tweeted.


Responding, Shogunle said:

Good ceremonial uniform is part of it. I have worked with Police from almost all of Africa & trained PO from across the continent. I BOLDLY SAY NPF IS ONE OF THE BEST. Compare murder & rape rate in 🇳🇬 with others. Point to one you think is better & I show you that you’re wrong.



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