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Nigeria Singer, Davido’s Hit Song ‘Fall’ Tops New York City Chart


Super star, Davido is celebrating, as he has become the first Nigerian artist ever, whose song will make it to the number one spot on Shazam’s New York City Top tracks .

His old song ‘Fall’ is number one on the New York City Top Tracks, leading other songs by highly-rated US artists like Lil Wayne and Travis Scott.

“We got the most Shazam song in New York!!! ITS LIT!! 🔥🔥🔥🌍🌍 My old records Just breaking 😂😂 imagine what the new ones will do !”. He declared.

Music tech company Shazam shared a chart of the top 50 songs ‘Shazamed’ in New York and Davido’s tracks ‘Fall’ and ‘If’ were amongst.

‘Fall’ came at the number one spot ahead of Lil Wayne’s hit track ‘Uproar’, while ‘If’ was number 25 on the chart.

Shazam is  popularly used by millions of music lovers world-wide, to identify a song that is playing at each moment.


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