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Nigerian E-health Startup, First Medtrade Launches Online Medical Market

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Nigerian e-health tech startup First Medtrade has launched its online medical market to supply essential medical consumables to hospitals and other health facilities across Nigeria. 

First Medtrade aims to empower hospitals with a consistent and convenient way to purchase life-saving medical consumables which are critical to delivering quality care to patients.

The startup’s platform offers a range of specialised medical consumables, such as radiology, cardiac, renal, laboratory, orthotics, prosthetic implants and orthopaedic, and theatre consumables, and a host of other devices and tools used with a hospital or surgical environment. 

“With healthcare facilities stretched due to COVID-19, there is an even greater need for specialised medical consumables. Hospitals in Nigeria are largely dependent on a long distribution chain of resellers and agents for foreign-made medical consumables,” said Dr Jonah Asiegbu, chief executive officer (CEO) of First Medtrade.


“This factor affects the market in two critical ways – high retail prices and scarcity of commodities. We are tackling these challenges by providing a single online platform where hospitals can find and purchase a range of medical consumables from accredited manufacturers and wholesalers conveniently.”

In order to deliver this solution, First Medtrade has formed strategic partnerships with manufacturers of medical consumables around the globe such as Hidemar, Hepamedikal, Stiegelmeyer, Meber, Ropimex, Fortune Medical and Novamed. Hospitals simply visit the website, submit their request, receive a quote, make payment. and have their medical consumables delivered to a preferred location.


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