Nigerian Female Doctor Opens Her Own Emergency Room in Houston

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A female Nigerian doctor has opened her own emergency room in Houston to help others! Thumbs up!!

According to Houston Profile Magazine, 31-year-old Dr. Foyekemi Ikyaator recently opened Life Savers Emergency Room in December 2015 with her husband. After working within the St. Luke’s Healthy System in Houston, the wife and mother decided it was time to create a better system to help patients. “In the emergency room you can see between 20 and 30 patients within a shift and [there] is just enough time to treat them and get them to their next point of care,” she said of her experience.

The doctor created Life Savers ER in order to take more time with her patients and counsel them concerning next steps for their health. The goal to provide swift and efficient health care for patients as well as a less bureaucratic work environment for medical professionals. Since the opening, Dr. Foye’s service has received outstanding reviews from patients on Google and other social media channels.

Dr. Foye and Life Savers ER will host an official ribbon ribbon cutting ceremony on January 15th. Their mission is to provide free food and free health screenings for attendees. Congratulations to her on this incredible accomplishment!

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